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Malvinas Video Contest winners announcement

The Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Jamaica congratulates the winners of the video contest "Malvinas, a Regional and Global Cause" and thanks the large number of participants from all Latin America and the Caribbean who have submitted videos, as a clear signal of support to the Argentine Republic in its demand for dialogue, for the elimination of colonialism and for a peaceful solution to the controversy relating to the ...

Contest “Malvinas: A Regional And Global Cause”

This interactive contest requires participants to create a one-minute video in the language of their preference under the slogan “Malvinas Islands, Regional and Global Cause.”

It is targeted to members of the academic community, such as students, professors, researchers, members of research centers, of Latin America and the Caribbean older than 18 years old.

Key timelines 

November 2nd-December 3rd, 2015 -...

National Disaster Risk Management Volunteers’ Programme (NDRMVP)- Leaded by Argentina's White Helmets Commission

National Disaster Risk Management Volunteers’ Programme (NDRMVP)

By Cheryl A. Nichols, ODPEM August 19, 2015

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) as the secretariat for the National Disaster Risk Management Volunteers’ Programme (NDRMVP) is to design a database application that will serve as the archive for volunteer data at all levels....

The Question of the Malvinas Islands

The Question of the Malvinas Islands, understood as being the sovereignty dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime spaces, originated on 3 January 1833, when the United Kingdom disrupted Argentina’s territorial integrity by illegally occupying the islands and evicting the Argentine authorities, preventing their return and the settlement of Argentines from the mainland. Since then,...



La República Argentina reconoció a Jamaica a...


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